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About David Guo

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David Guo, also known as Yaoqi Guo, is the esteemed co-founder, and CEO of Top Games Inc. As the chief overseer of all critical departments, David's dedication to the gaming industry stems from his passion for immersive and user-centric gameplay.

David majored in physics at Sun Yat-sen University, in 1998, created the renowned Skynet firewall, protecting tens of millions of internet users.

In 2004, he co-founded one of the world's largest virtual currency exchange platforms, facilitating millions of transactions and generating hundreds of millions in value.

David brings over 25 years of software and game development, network security, UX, game theory, and API design.


Core values

David witnessed a lack of focus on user experience in the gaming industry, which inspired him to make a change. Since joining Top Games Inc., he has been responsible for developing numerous top-selling titles on Google Play and the Apple App Store, giving gamers worldwide an unparalleled experience.

David's enthusiasm for gaming is infectious and sets him apart from his peers. He led the development team in the creation of the hit game Evony, where he emphasized user-oriented design and improved user experience. He also prioritized team execution efficiency throughout the development process.

"As a gaming company, we prioritize the user experience and satisfaction above all else and believe that the key to success in the gaming industry is to create games that are great from the player's perspective, not just the designer's perspective”


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David Guo

Co-founder & CEO


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