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Evony's Success: A Brief Bio of David Guo's Career

David Guo is a well-known name in the gaming industry, particularly as the CEO and co-founder of the successful game developer Top Games Inc. With his extensive game development experience and unique leadership style, The MMO war strategy game Evony: The King’s Return, developed by his team, has been a huge success among players.

Evony Ranks 5th in mid-core games

In this article, we will dive into Evony CEO David Guo's background, leadership style, contributions, and future plans for Evony.

The Game Developer Journey of Evony Co-founder David Guo


David Guo has a rich background as a software developer before creating the popular online strategy game, and over 25 years of software and game development, network security, UX, game theory, and API design.

Early Development of Software Skills while in School

David began his journey as a developer in early high school, where he honed his skills in programming and design, then enrolled in the physics major at Sun Yat-sen University, and while in school in 1998, developed the advanced software application Skynet firewall, besides, he also develops popular applications such as Virtual Currency Exchange, MyIM, etc.

Seasoned gamer during his school years

David is a seasoned gamer during his school years, he loves games and has a lot of experience playing games, and he deeply appreciates that there are many game companies that do not care about the user's gaming experience, which is one of the potential reasons for him to join and devote himself to game development in the future.

Development Experience to Overcome Challenges

David Guo's extensive career in game development proved to be a crucial factor in the creation of Evony. He utilized his knowledge and understanding of gamers' preferences to design a game that appealed to a broad audience while providing unique gameplay experiences. Creating Evony was not an easy process for David and his team. They faced significant challenges, including game design, market competition, and funding. However, David's previous experience in game development helped him overcome these obstacles.

Innovative Management Approach at TGI

David Guo's management approach emphasizes the importance of testing, data science, and continuous improvement. His leadership has created a culture of innovation and optimization within his team, resulting in high-quality games for players.

David believes that every TGI employee should testify quickly and implement even faster. They assert that there is no specific method for achieving success right away. Therefore, they advocate for testing products or services repeatedly to determine the best option and to scale up as quickly as possible, and heavily on data science to validate opinions and decision-making within the development team.

"When you see a problem, don't be afraid to look for ways to make it better. Identifying areas that can be improved is the only way to create the best customer experience possible." David said.

David's game development experience has been vital in his leadership at Evony. He has been instrumental in ensuring that the game is continuously updated with new content while maintaining a balance between gamers' desires and the game's essential aspects. His expertise has contributed to the creation of an innovative online game that engages millions of players worldwide.