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Evony's Civilization Celebration: Your Ticket to Rare Generals and Valuable Rewards

The Civilization Celebration Event is back, and it brings many rare and epic historic generals that you can obtain from February 28th to March 2nd, including Princess Kaguya, Zhao Yun, Simeon the Great, and Yeon Gaesomun. In this article, we will explain the event's contents and how to get generals and rich rewards during the event.


No. 1 King's Scheme

In the King's Scheme event, you can redeem tokens for common, rare, and super epic historic generals and use them to randomly obtain classic, excellent, and mighty epic historic generals separately. Additionally, you can redeem three fixed generals in this round, including Takeda Shingen, Flavius Aetius, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. To redeem generals, you need to earn enough General Mementos, which can be obtained from packages.

No. 2 General Portrait Exhibition

During the General Portrait Exhibition, you can redeem common, General Hall I historic general, and General Hall II historic general using General Invitations. There are also some settled generals available, including Simeon the Great, Surena, Zhao Yun, and Leo III. In this round, you have a higher probability of obtaining General Kusunoki Masashige, Princess Kaguya, Yeon Gaesomun, and Lautaro. General Invitations can be earned from Server Monarch Competition, Monarch Competition, Purchase packages, and Activity Chest.

No. 3 Strategic Stockpile

In this round of the Strategic Stockpile event, you can purchase Basic Gems to earn many rewards, such as Resource Chest, Speed Up, Material Chest, Silk Road Material Bag, Refining Stone, Research Stone, Runestone Chest, Treasure Box, Dragon Source Fragment, Tactic Scroll, and 30 Days' Hope of Peace Decoration.

No. 4 Consuming Return Event

During the Consuming Return Event, you can earn awesome rewards by consuming Gold, Crafting Speedup, and Trap Speedup.

No. 5 Golden Refining

During the Golden Refining event, you can get Speedup of Healing, Adv Troop March Speedup, Material Chest, Silk Road Material Bag, Persia King's Treasure, Dragon Crystal, and Refining Stone by refining equipment and any Dragon.

No. 6 Eagle of Freedom

In the Eagle of Freedom event, you can complete quests to get American Gold Eagle, Research Stone, Refining Stone, and other rewards. You can use the American Gold Eagle to redeem resources, Refining Stones, Stamina, and Medals. Additionally, you can get Gold, Speedup, Adv City Teleporter, Silk Road Material Bag, Adv Troop March Speedup, and the Historic General Fragment of Shimazu Yoshihiro.

You can find the King's Scheme, General Portrait Exhibition, Strategic Stockpile, and Consuming Return events in the Valuable Event. You can enter the Golden Refining and Eagle of Freedom events from the Event Center.

Make the most of the Civilization Celebration Event and get your hands on these rare and epic historic generals and other rewards.