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How to Recruit General Ramesses II in Evony

Ramesses II is one of the most powerful and celebrated Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, and in Evony, he is a formidable General who can lead Siege Machines with great benefits. This article will provide an overview of Ramesses II's story, special skill, and specialty, and will list the various ways to recruit him. Additionally, we will recommend the best Main General and Assistant General combination to lead Siege Machines.

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  1. The Story of Ramesses II

    Ramesses II was a legendary Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt who ruled for 66 years, from 1279 to 1213 BC. He is known for his magnificent architecture, grand statues, beautiful murals, and pillars that showcase his greatness. In 1274 B.C., Ramesses led his army to a decisive battle against the Hittites in the city of Kadesh on the Orontes River. After the Battle of Kadesh, Ramesses became an invincible king in the hearts of his people, and he brought peace between Egypt and Hatti.

  2. The Special Skill of Ramesses II

    Ramesses II's special skill is called "Great Pharaoh," which increases Siege Machine's attack and defense by 20% and ground troops' HP by 10% when General is leading the army. As Ramesses II ascends, the benefits of his special skill also increase.

  3. The Specialty of Ramesses II

    Ramesses II's specialty is leading Siege Machines with his skills, including Siege Machine Formation, Bash, Siege Machine Ares, and Battle of Kadesh. These skills enhance Siege Machine's attack, defense, and HP, as well as march Ground Troop HP and attack.

  4. How to Gain Ramesses II

    Ramesses II can only be recruited by using General Token instead of Tavern. You can get General Tokens from various sources, including VIP1 Premium Package, Champion Lv4 to Lv20, Event Package, and Limited Offers.

  5. The Best Recommended Combination

    For the best Siege Machine General combination, we recommend using Main General Zuzza and Assistant General Ramesses II with max level special skills and specialties. This combination will provide the strongest Siege Machine attack benefits, and either the Main or Assistant General can use a Skill Book of Lv4 Siege Machine Attack to increase their attack power.

In conclusion, Ramesses II is a powerful General in Evony, and his story, special skill, and specialty make him a valuable asset for leading Siege Machines. With the information provided in this article, you can recruit Ramesses II and create the best General combination to lead your army to victory.